Tartan of the Month- Mcleod of Lewis

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As a new series of blogs on Tartan Touch each month, we will be featuring a tartan of this month to teach you all about the history of the tartan and the clan.

This month’s tartan of the month is Macleod of Lewis or Clann Mhic Leoid in Gaelic.

 This bright yellow and black spring-esc tartan comes from the overarching Macleod clan which divided off into Macleod of Lewis and this tartan dates back as early as 1822 and originates from Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis.  This yellow tartan, sometimes known as “Macleod Dress”, is a colour variation of many Macleod tartans. Tartans within the same clan usually all have the same “set” or pattern just different colours to differentiate between branches of the overarching clan.

Alongside tartans clans also have crests which were originally worn with the tartan, the Macleod of Lewis crest is called “A golden sun in splendour” which is inscribed with the clan motto: “I birn quil I se” which means “I shine, not burn”. 

 Mcleod of lewis crest

Different to other clan’s DNA studies show that out of 45 MacLeod men almost half are decedents of the same man from when the clan first gathered. Not all clans have direct DNA links as these clans grow over time however the Macleod clan is still definitely connected through DNA.

The clan surnames Macleod and Mcleod along with other variants descend from the anglicisations period. The Macleod of Lewis Clan is also linked to the Macleod of Harris and the Macleod of Dunvegan that also branched off from the Macleod clan.

Although a lot of people do not connect with their clan, they still like to wear their clan tartan as it represents their surname. There are many ways to wear your tartan on informal and formal occasions. Although, you don’t have to be from the clan to wear the tartan. Since today we are all wearing face masks wearing a tartan face mask is a great option to incorporate your clan or just a tartan you like into your day-to-day wardrobe. https://www.tartantouch.co.uk/collections/accessories

You can also wear your tartan to formal occasions such as Christmas parties, weddings and even a burns supper. This gorgeous velvet dress with the Macleod of Lewis tartan is a great and subtle way to add a splash of your Scottish heritage. https://www.tartantouch.co.uk/pages/dresses

All these products can also be purchased in other tartans! Don’t forget to share with us how you have styles you Macleod of Lewis tartan or if there are any tartans you want us to feature next either in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram @tartantouch


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